Contest List

Contest Topic Start Date
Peter Griffin Peter 2020-02-09
Someone in a clickbait thumbnail Clickbait 2020-02-10
A significant person in history History 2020-02-14
Someone from a Dr. Seuss book Dr. Seuss 2020-02-25
A nintoddler raging at Mario Kart Nintoddler 2020-03-01
A leprechaun Leprechaun 2020-03-08
Mario + Cappy Cappy 2020-03-11
A cute teddy bear Teddy Bear 2020-03-16
K.K. Slider from Animal Crossing KK Slider 2020-03-19
Isabelle from Animal Crossing Isabelle 2020-03-22
The life of a party Party Life 2020-03-26
Someone who just got pranked Prank 2020-03-30
The Easter Bunny Bunny 2020-04-02
A warrior from the far east Warrior 2020-04-06
A fortune teller Psychic 2020-04-09
The smartest kid in school Smart Alec 2020-04-13
A mad scientist Genius 2020-04-16
A brave superhero Superhero 2020-04-20
An evil supervillain Villain 2020-04-20
An Inkling from Splatoon. Inkling 2020-04-23
Mother Nature Natural 2020-04-27
Someone from Atlantis Fishy 2020-04-30
A person who works with fast food Fast-Food 2020-05-04
Johnny Appleseed Appleseed 2020-05-07
A resident of the Mushroom Kingdom Mushroom 2020-05-11
One of Bowser's minions Minion 2020-05-11
A caveman Caveman 2020-05-14
Someone who just got an F on their report card ReportCard 2020-05-18
Someone who just won the lottery Winner 2020-05-25
Someone whos addicted to coffee Addict 2020-05-25
An alien who lives in Neptune Alien 2020-06-02
A mischievous genie Genie 2020-06-08
A surfer Surfer 2020-06-10
Someone who is good at stealing things Thief 2020-06-12
Someone who just got a really bad sunburn Sunburn 2020-06-15
A millennial Millennial 2020-06-17
Fox McCloud Fox 2020-06-19
An anime character Anime 2020-06-22
A social media addict Addict 2020-06-24
An allstar football player Allstar 2020-06-26
Someone who just ran the marathon Runner 2020-06-29
Gumball Watterson Gumball 2020-07-01
Darwin Watterson Darwin 2020-07-01
A girl who puts on too much makeup BeautyGuru 2020-07-03
Someone who just saw a ghost Spooked 2020-07-08
A spoiled brat Brat 2020-07-10
Someone training to be the Pokémon master Trainer 2020-07-13
A magician Magician 2020-07-15
The Cyclops Cyclops 2020-07-17
A kung fu master Kung Fu 2020-07-20
Someone who loves to eat candies Sweet! 2020-08-03
A professional chef Chef 2020-08-07
Kirby. Hero of the stars Kirby 2020-08-19
A teacher who has lost his/her temper Teacher 2020-08-21
Free for all! Have fun and post whatever you want ??? 2020-09-01
Someone who spends all there time reading Bookworm 2020-09-04
An item that will help Mario save the princess Power-Up 2020-09-07
Pauline. Mayor of New Donk City Pauline 2020-09-11
Abraham Lincoln Honest Abe 2020-09-14
Someone who just heard the funniest joke Funny Joke 2020-09-18
A clown who hates his job Bad Clown 2020-09-21
Someone who was born rich Born Rich 2020-09-25
Leonardo da Vinci Da Vinci 2020-09-28
Someone who can't stop sleeping Sleepy 2020-10-02
A spooky jack-o'-lantern Pumpkin 2020-10-05
Frankenstein Franken 2020-10-09
Someone who lives in a haunted house Haunted 2020-10-12
A kid who is about to go trick-or-treating TrickTreat 2020-10-16
The Flying Dutchman Dutchman 2020-10-19
A creepy witch Witch 2020-10-23
A ghost who is bad at scaring people Bad Ghost 2020-10-26
Dracula Dracula 2020-10-30
A Thanksgiving turkey Turkey 2020-11-02
Someone who ate all their Halloween candy Candy 2020-11-06
Someone who just had the worst day ever Worst Day 2020-11-09
A person who is stuck in the 1970s 1970s 2020-11-13
A cowboy from the Wild West Cowboy 2020-11-16
Someone who wants to take over the world Take World 2020-11-20
A killer DJ DJ 2020-11-23
Someone who lives in the jungle Jungle 2020-11-27
Someone who just got the worst haircut Haircut 2020-11-30
A corrupt king Corrupt 2020-12-04
Princess Zelda after a long day Zelda 2020-12-06
Mario as a gingerbread man Ginger Man 2020-12-10
Digi: The Mascot of WiiLink24 Digi 2020-12-14
Someone who just won a fight Fight 2020-12-18
Someone who is waiting for the new year New Year 2020-12-21
Edgar Allen Poe Edgar Poet 2020-12-25
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic 2020-12-28
Someone who is addicted to VR VR 2021-01-01
A pro skateboarder Skateboard 2021-01-04
Someone who just bricked their Wii Bricked 2021-01-08
A bearded lady at a circus Beard Lady 2021-01-11
Someone who would live in Hyrule Hyrule 2021-01-15
Shantae, the half-genie Shantae 2021-01-18
Someone who likes trains Trains 2021-01-22
Someone who just got plastic surgery Surgery 2021-01-25
Someone who just got a participation award Award 2021-01-29
Someone who really needs a getaway Getaway 2021-02-01
Someone who just received a Valentine's Day card Valentine 2021-02-05
A Chao from Sonic games Chao 2021-02-08
Someone who just had the scariest nightmare ever Nightmare 2021-02-12
A gothic person Gothic 2021-02-15
A crazy cat lady Cat Lady 2021-02-19
Someone who just caught a cold Cold 2021-02-22
A pirate sailing the seven seas Pirate 2021-02-26
Someone who just found a pot of gold Gold 2021-03-01
A person who is dealing with a breakup Breakup 2021-03-05
Someone who just got 1st place in Mario Kart 1st Place 2021-03-08
An Octoling from Splatoon Octoling 2021-03-12
A philosopher Philosophr 2021-03-15
Someone who just beat the stock market Stocks 2021-03-19
Someone who is tired of doing online classes Online 2021-03-29
A person who is excited for spring break Spring 2021-04-02
A wealthy person from the 1700s 1700s 2021-04-05
A royal knight Knight 2021-04-09
A cartoon character from the 1930s Cartoon 2021-04-12
A superhero from a low budget movie Superhero 2021-04-16
Fierce Deity Link Deity Link 2021-04-19
A person who hasn't washed themself in a long time Dirty 2021-04-23
A time traveler TimeTravel 2021-04-26
Someone who just got in a skateboarding accident Accident 2021-04-30
Someone who is still behind the times Behind 2021-05-03
A character from EarthBound EarthBound 2021-05-08
A character from Rhythm Heaven Rhythm 2021-05-10
A leader of an emo boy band Emo 2021-05-14
Danbo: The Mascot of Open Shop Channel Danbo 2021-05-17
A Discord moderator Discord 2021-05-21
The Mascot of the Demae Channel Demae 2021-05-27
A professional pizza chef Pizza Chef 2021-05-28
Callie from Splatoon Callie 2021-05-31
Marie from Splatoon Marie 2021-05-31
Pearl from Splatoon Pearl 2021-06-04
Marina from Splatoon 2 Marina 2021-06-04
Queen Elizabeth II Queen 2021-06-07
A honeybee Honeybee 2021-06-11
Someone who just passed their final exam Final Exam 2021-06-14
A miner searching for gold Miner 2021-06-18
An old fisherman Fisherman 2021-06-21
A panda bear Panda Bear 2021-06-25
Someone who lives in the forest Forest 2021-06-28
A pharaoh Pharaoh 2021-07-02
Someone who is trying to solve a difficult case Case 2021-07-05
Elvis Presley Elvis 2021-07-09
Someone who loves exploring wildlife Wildlife 2021-07-12
A person who just invented something great Inventor 2021-07-16
A person who loves shopping at the mall Mall 2021-07-21
King K. Rool K. Rool 2021-07-24
A superhero from the far future FutureHero 2021-07-26
An old queen from the middle ages Old Queen 2021-07-30
A person who loves going on adventures Adventurer 2021-08-02
Someone who just heard the saddest song Sad Song 2021-08-06
Finn from Adventure Time Finn 2021-08-09
Jake from Adventure Time Jake 2021-08-13
Someone who loves talking on the phone Phone 2021-08-16
Zeus: The God of Thunder Zeus 2021-08-20
Blue from Blue's Clues Blue 2021-08-23
Steve from Blue's Clues Steve 2021-08-23
A character from a Pixar movie Pixar 2021-08-27
A person who doesn't want to go back to school No School 2021-08-30
A high school cheerleader Cheer 2021-09-03
Someone who just got the Super Crown SuperCrown 2021-09-06
An astronaut who is acting suspicious Among Us 2021-09-10
Gandhi Gandhi 2021-09-13
A popular YouTuber YouTuber 2021-09-18
A character from the Muppets Muppets 2021-09-20
A character from Sesame Street Sesame 2021-09-24
A professional baseball player Baseball 2021-09-27
A modern fairy Fairy 2021-10-01
A creepy clown Clown 2021-10-04
A gingerbread man celebrating Halloween Gingerween 2021-10-08
An emoji Emoji 2021-10-12
Mario as Peter Griffin MarioPeter 2021-10-15
A spooky bat Bat 2021-10-13
A character from Teletubbies Teletubby 2021-10-19
Mickey Mouse Mickey 2021-10-20
Sora from Kingdom Hearts Sora 2021-10-22
A character from Squid Game Squid Game 2021-10-25
Pac-Man Pac-Man 2021-10-27
Olivia Rodrigo Olivia 2021-10-28
Billie Eilish Billie 2021-10-26
A Pikmin Pikmin 2021-11-02
Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo 2021-11-03
Someone who still uses VHS tapes VHS 2021-11-04
Thomas the Tank Engine Thomas 2021-11-05
An army soldier Military 2021-11-12
Statue of Liberty Liberty 2021-11-15