Contest List

Contest Topic Start Date
Peter Griffin Peter 2020-02-09
Someone in a clickbait thumbnail Clickbait 2020-02-10
A significant person in history History 2020-02-14
Someone from a Dr. Seuss book Dr. Seuss 2020-02-25
A nintoddler raging at Mario Kart Nintoddler 2020-03-01
A leprechaun Leprechaun 2020-03-08
Mario + Cappy Cappy 2020-03-11
A cute teddy bear Teddy Bear 2020-03-16
K.K. Slider from Animal Crossing KK Slider 2020-03-19
Isabelle from Animal Crossing Isabelle 2020-03-22
The life of a party Party Life 2020-03-26
Someone who just got pranked Prank 2020-03-30
The Easter Bunny Bunny 2020-04-02
A warrior from the far east Warrior 2020-04-06
A fortune teller Psychic 2020-04-09
The smartest kid in school Smart Alec 2020-04-13
A mad scientist Genius 2020-04-16
A brave superhero Superhero 2020-04-20
An evil supervillain Villain 2020-04-20
An Inkling from Splatoon. Inkling 2020-04-23
Mother Nature Natural 2020-04-27
Someone from Atlantis Fishy 2020-04-30
A person who works with fast food Fast-Food 2020-05-04
Johnny Appleseed Appleseed 2020-05-07
A resident of the Mushroom Kingdom Mushroom 2020-05-11
One of Bowser's minions Minion 2020-05-11
A caveman Caveman 2020-05-14
Someone who just got an F on their report card ReportCard 2020-05-18
Someone who just won the lottery Winner 2020-05-25
Someone whos addicted to coffee Addict 2020-05-25
An alien who lives in Neptune Alien 2020-06-02
A mischievous genie Genie 2020-06-08
A surfer Surfer 2020-06-10
Someone who is good at stealing things Thief 2020-06-12
Someone who just got a really bad sunburn Sunburn 2020-06-15
A millennial Millennial 2020-06-17
Fox McCloud Fox 2020-06-19
An anime character Anime 2020-06-22
A social media addict Addict 2020-06-24
An allstar football player Allstar 2020-06-26
Someone who just ran the marathon Runner 2020-06-29
Gumball Watterson Gumball 2020-07-01
Darwin Watterson Darwin 2020-07-01
A girl who puts on too much makeup BeautyGuru 2020-07-03
Someone who just saw a ghost Spooked 2020-07-08
A spoiled brat Brat 2020-07-10
Someone training to be the Pokémon master Trainer 2020-07-13
A magician Magician 2020-07-15
The Cyclops Cyclops 2020-07-17
A kung fu master Kung Fu 2020-07-20
Someone who loves to eat candies Sweet! 2020-08-03
A professional chef Chef 2020-08-07
Kirby. Hero of the stars Kirby 2020-08-19
A teacher who has lost his/her temper Teacher 2020-08-21
Free for all! Have fun and post whatever you want ??? 2020-09-01
Someone who spends all there time reading Bookworm 2020-09-04
An item that will help Mario save the princess Power-Up 2020-09-07
Pauline. Mayor of New Donk City Pauline 2020-09-11
Abraham Lincoln Honest Abe 2020-09-14
Someone who just heard the funniest joke Funny Joke 2020-09-18
A clown who hates his job Bad Clown 2020-09-21
Someone who was born rich Born Rich 2020-09-25
Leonardo da Vinci Da Vinci 2020-09-28
Someone who can't stop sleeping Sleepy 2020-10-02
A spooky jack-o'-lantern Pumpkin 2020-10-05
Frankenstein Franken 2020-10-09
Someone who lives in a haunted house Haunted 2020-10-12
A kid who is about to go trick-or-treating TrickTreat 2020-10-16